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My Refrigerator Is Making Noise, How Can I Fix It?

Are you hearing all kinds of crazy sounds coming from your refrigerator?  Maybe even those Kitchenstrange noises are keeping you up at night?  Here are some tips that you can try to use to get immediate relief from a fridge that is noisy courtesy of a local Appliance Repair  Company.

The first thing you will want to do is to find out where the sound is coming from, is in on the inside or outside, if it is inside, is it coming from the freezer section or the refrigerated section?  The reason you want to narrow down the area that is producing the sound is it will help you to identify which component is causing the sounds.

When it comes to noise, there are usually a few suspects that typically make noise, so once you have an idea of where the sound is coming from, you can now start troubleshooting each component until you find the bad part.  Sometimes you will get lucky and the part that is bad, you can fix yourself, other times you may need to call a professional Fort Lauderdale Appliance Repair Company.

If you think that the noise is coming from the freezer, then more than likely you have a bad evaporator fan, this fan normally comes on when the fridge is actively cooling.  If noise sounds more like a squealing, chirping or groaning sound that is not consistent so it comes on every so often instead of a constant, steady sound then the problem is more than likely with the fan motor.  If you want to be certain then open up the freezer and press down the fan/light switch, assuming your refrigerator has one and if the sounds seems to get louder while the door is open, then that is a good indicator that the fan is bad.  The bad news is that if it is the evaporator fan motor you will have to buy a new one as there is no way to repair them.

Most noise typically come from the back of the refrigerator, since this is the location of the majority of the moving parts.  If your fridge is self-defrosting, then you should check the condenser fan first, you will find this in the back of the fridge and it is enclosed by a thin metal panel.  If the fan has a build-up of dirt, lint or debris it will make a clicking noise or buzzing sound, sometimes simply cleaning the condenser fan will fix the problem with your appliance.  However, if cleaning it does not fix the problem you might want to call one of your local appliance repair companies.

Tips For Pressure Cleaning Your House?

A professional pressure cleaning fort lauderdale company will first test the power of their equipment and they will adjust the power of it, depending on the surface that they have to clean.  For example, you can’t use the same pressure on your windows as you would use on your driveways as this will break the windows, you also wouldn’t use the same pressure that you use on your driveway on your wood deck as this could also damage the wood on the deck.  Another tip if you are going to clean your windows is that it is best if you clean them from an angle instead of using direct pressure, to avoid breaking them.

For someone that is attempting to do pressure cleaning for the first time, we normally recommend that you start out with a low pressure first and test a small area to see if is giving you the desired results, if that doesn’t work you can gradually increase the pressure until you find one that you are happy with, this is especially important when you are cleaning somewhat fragile areas, like windows or furniture.  You should also use a left to right motion or horizontally when you are doing your testing.  If you want to experiment with chemicals, then spray a small surface with the chemical and let it sit for a little so that it can work on loosening up the dirt so that when you start pressure washing it will come off easier.

This is especially important when you are cleaning concrete areas, like driveways and patios.  One thing you should avoid doing is pressure cleaning while on a ladder.  Also, do not forget about safety, so make sure to get some goggles to protect your eyes and face and you should do this whether or not you are using chemicals.  If your house has shutters you should remove them before cleaning and you also want to cover up any electrical outlets.  If you follow some of these tips, you will do a great job and your house will look a lot better when you are done.

Why Impact Windows Should Be Your Next Home Improvement Project

There are several benefits of impact resistant windows that ought to prompt you to include Impact Resistant Windowsthem in your next home improvement project. Here are some top reasons why you should not hesitate to install these windows on your home.

Protection against burglary 

These windows boast a sturdy construction that makes them suitable for hindering unexpected break-ins into your home. Unlike the regular windows which can easily be cut using metal cutters and other cutting equipment, these windows can never be cut or dismantled with ease. They provide extra resistance that you need in order to keep your home impenetrable. That is why they are a necessity for homeowners interested in a 24-7 protection against burglary.

Protection against storms and hurricanes 

It is a known fact that storms and hurricanes can be quite disastrous. That is why impact windows should be installed in all homes and properties located in places that are susceptible to storms and hurricanes. These sturdy windows have what it takes to adequately protect your home against objects hurled against them and strong winds. In this regard, installing these windows is certainly the best way of avoiding maintenance cost resulting from repairing damages occasioned by storms and hurricanes. They are also perfect for preventing rainwater from entering your home thus causing unprecedented damages to your interiors.

Offer maximum protection against UV rays 

Impact resistant windows are not only perfect for protecting your homes from hurricanes and storms or burglaries, but they are also ideal for protecting your expensive valuables such as electronics, expensive fabrics and furniture from harmful UV rays. These rays can also lead to skin cancers if you are exposed to them over time.

Heating and cooling 

These windows will play a major role in reducing heating and cooling costs. These windows will properly insulate your home, therefore assisting with reducing the cost of heating and cooling in the future. Once you install them, you will no longer have to worry about higher heating and cooling bills.



Home Improvement Tips You Can Use To Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can make you incur big and unnecessary expenses. But the good news is that, you can prevent them if you have tips for preventing water damage at your finger-tips. But prior to detailing these tips, it is equally important you familiarize yourself with some of the common causes of water damage in homes and within commercial premises.

Here are some of the common causes of water damages.

  • Leaking or bursting pipes
  • Weak plumbing system
  • Natural disasters along with weather-related water problems
  • Faulty or malfunctioning household appliances
  • Buildup in places susceptible to collecting water, such as attics, crawl spaces and basements.

Improvements tips for preventing water damage 

Here are some of the tips you can put in place today to avoid water damage in the future.

  1. Make a habit of regularly inspecting your water supply line, so that you can detect any defects that may lead to unexpected water damage.
  2. Make sure that the main connection to your pipe system is secure and there are no faults along the entire system.
  3. Do not forget to close all the running taps once you are done using them.
  4. Replace the water supply plastic pipes with steel water pipes, especially if the plastic pipes have been in place for more than a decade.
  5. Make sure your plumbing and appliances are properly-maintained and working properly.
  6. Contact the services of a water damage restoration company if you notice there is water damage regardless of how minor it is. This will prevent it from escalating into a huge problem that will require more time and money in order to restore it.
  7. Replace broken pipes with new ones.
  8. Replace your faulty plumbing system with a newly reinforced system.
  9. Get a professional plumbing inspection of your plumbing system every six months.

5 Tips For Installing Hurricane Windows

Impact windows, commonly referred to as hurricane windows or impact resistant windows, are probably the best windows you can invest in if your home is located in areas susceptible to hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and other calamities which can occasion unexpected destruction.

This is because they can adequately withstand a hurricane or a storm no matter how strong it could be. Though the need to install impact windows cannot be reemphasized, you should nevertheless take caution when installing them lest you end up making some common mistakes usually made by scores of home owners. Here are tips for installing impact windows which are of great help if you have already decided to install these windows on your home.

1. Prior to purchasing the hurricane window of your choice, make a point of taking the exact measurements of the opening that you intend to install the window of your choice. Refrain from making an assumption that any size of the window will fit into the opening, for this is not the case since these windows come in different sizes.

2. Don’t lift the hurricane window without help. The size of this window can be deceiving but they can weigh more than 100 pounds. Ensure you have someone to help you with installing and lifting the window.

3. Always have the sealing material for purposes of sealing the window. This is imperative because it ensures that the window is properly installed thus leaving no gaps for air to sneak through.

4. Ensure you purchase impact windows that match the location where your home is situated. Hurricane windows are specified for particular locations. For instance, if your home is located in areas close to oceans or any other salt water body, purchase hurricane windows which are made using stainless steel.

5. Make sure the hurricane windows are properly supported. Desist from using unstable materials such as woods for purposes of supporting these windows. Such material cannot withstand the mighty force of storms and hurricanes.

To learn more visit The Window Experts.


How To Install Impact Resistant Windows

Impact windows, also referred to as impact resistant windows or hurricane windows are Highrise building with impact windowsinstalled in places where hurricanes and storms can occasion the unexpected destruction to homes and properties. Though these windows are essential to home owners residing in places susceptible to hurricanes and storms such as coastal areas, scores of home owners refrain from impact windows since they have a misconception that installing impact windows is a mammoth task. On the contrary, installing these windows is just like installing other regular windows and one can do it with the help of only two people. Some of these windows come with a guide for installation; therefore you can install them on your own even without the help of a carpenter. If you are considering installing these windows on your home, this is how to go about it.

Start by measuring the dimensions of the opening where you plan to install the hurricane window of your choice. Buy an impact window that matches the exact dimensions of the opening to ensure that it fits properly on the opening Use a utility knife to cut the window’s water resistive barrier. Once you have cut the barrier, fold its side panels into the exterior of the window and over the opening. Staple these panels into place. Fit the window into place. You can make use of shims for purposes of holding the impact window in place. If the window you intend to install already has installation clips, you can use them to hold the window in place before nailing it into the frame. Nail the hurricane window into the frame. You can nail the window by drilling screws through its installation clips. If your home is located near salt water bodies, make use of stainless steel screws since they are not susceptible to rust. For purposes of preventing the air from leaking through the window, it is imperative to place a lining of silicone caulk along the edges of the window’s frame.